CBD Dog Products

1. Iceland Pure U.S.A Grown CBD Infused Fish Oil with 0 THC ($49.99-$176.00 USD)


Combines pharmaceutical grade USA-grown CBD and fish oil and works to reduce anxiety, pain, inflammation and seizures.



2. Naturecan CBD Dog Treats ($39.99 USD)

Combining veterinarian-certified cannabidiol (CBD) with a mouthwatering mix of fruit, vegetables and cheddar cheese, our CBD Dog Treats deliver a delicious treat to help improve your dog’s day.



3. Suzie's Goes Nuts CBD Peanut Butter ($24.95)

Made with only two ingredients: freshly ground organic peanuts, and our full-spectrum, locally-grown, USDA organic CBD. With 125 mg of CBD in each 8 oz jar, and a flavor that dogs love, this peanut butter is sure to be a hit with your furry friends!