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the dog parade

every morning, bright and early, the dogs are loosed, both smooth and curly. sleek pampered pet and ragged reject, they run outside. more than you'd expect. more and more, spotted and sleek. majestic great dane and silly little peke. bright testament to a loving heart. my kindly neighbour, doing her part. saving the strays one dog at a time. her job, her vocation, her heart's paradigm. every four-legged creature fenced in next door is a furry life saved, no less, no more. how fortunate for me that fate has bade i live next door to the dog parade. - Vickie Finlay

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CBD Dog Products

1. Iceland Pure U.S.A Grown CBD Infused Fish Oil with 0 THC ($49.99-$176.00 USD)   Combines pharmaceutical grade USA-grown CBD and fish oil and works to reduce anxiety, pain, inflammation and seizures.     2. Naturecan CBD Dog Treats ($39.99 USD) Combining veterinarian-certified cannabidiol (CBD) with a mouthwatering mix of fruit, vegetables and cheddar cheese, our CBD Dog Treats deliver a delicious treat to help improve your dog’s day.     3. Suzie's Goes Nuts CBD Peanut Butter ($24.95) Made with only two ingredients: freshly ground organic peanuts, and our full-spectrum, locally-grown, USDA organic CBD. With 125 mg of CBD in each 8 oz jar, and a flavor that dogs love, this peanut butter is sure to be a hit...

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Kibble vs. Homemade Food

As pet parents, we only want the best for our fur children. The best toys, the best accessories and especially the best food. What we put into our dogs' bodies can have lasting effects on their minds and bodies so we owe it to them to do our due diligence. You may have asked yourself the very question, “should I feed my dog kibble or homemade food?”. Let’s break down the two options! Kibble was produced to be a balanced diet complete with all the nutrients dogs need to live a healthy life. It is also conveniently ready to serve. However, imagine eating the same processed pellets everyday for the rest of your life- boring. While there is no scientific...

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