Kibble vs. Homemade Food

As pet parents, we only want the best for our fur children. The best toys, the best accessories and especially the best food. What we put into our dogs' bodies can have lasting effects on their minds and bodies so we owe it to them to do our due diligence. You may have asked yourself the very question, “should I feed my dog kibble or homemade food?”. Let’s break down the two options!

Kibble was produced to be a balanced diet complete with all the nutrients dogs need to live a healthy life. It is also conveniently ready to serve. However, imagine eating the same processed pellets everyday for the rest of your life- boring. While there is no scientific proof that kibble is superior to homemade food or vice versa, recognize that most commercial foods are highly processed with a multitude of ingredients that most people can’t pronounce.

On the homemade side, you have total control of what you’re putting into your dog’s body. There are endless recipes with whole and superfoods that you can feed your pup. Implement supplements into their meals so they don’t miss out on any integral vitamins and violà! A complete diet. It definitely isn’t the most convenient and a lot of research is to be done to cater to your dog’s specifics, but they will definitely appreciate the variety.


At the end of the day, do listen to your dog. Test out different foods until they find one that they truly enjoy. Food that ensures their health, keeps their coat shiny and gives them the utmost energy in the day- they deserve your best efforts!